Unix Syntax Comparison: Software

The following are pages that list various commands and tools for Solaris, Linux, HP-UX, and AIX.

Task Solaris Linux HP-UX AIX
Install Software pkgadd rpm -i package swinstall installp -a
Uninstall Software pkgrm rpm -e package swremove installp -u
List Installed Software pkginfo rpm -qa swlist lslpp -L all
Verify Installed Software pkginfo -i
pkginfo -p
rpm -V package swlist -l fileset -a state lppchk -v
List All Files pkgchk -l package rpm -ql package swlist -l file fileset lslpp -f fileset
List Installed Patches patchadd -p   swlist -l patch
what /stand/vmunix
instfix -i
Package Owner pkgchk -l -p path rpm -qf file swlist -l file | grep path lslpp -w path
SW Directory /var/sadm /var/lib/rpm /var/adm/sw/ /usr/lpp