Unix Syntax Comparison: Miscellaneous

The following are pages that list various commands and tools for Solaris, Linux, HP-UX, and AIX.

Task Solaris Linux HP-UX AIX
Startup Script /etc/init.d /etc/rc.d/rc /sbin/rc /etc/rc
Kernel /kernel/genunix /boot/vmlinuz /stand/vmunix /usr/lib/boot/unix_up
Kernel Parameters sysdef -i sysctl -a sysdef
lsattr -E -l sys0
List Modules modinfo lsmod kmadmin -s genkex
Load Module modload insmod kmadmin -L  
Unload Module modunload rmmod kmadmin -U  
Initialize System sys-unconfig sys-unconfig set_parms initial install_assist
Physical RAM prtconf free grep -i Physical /var/adm/
bootinfo -r
Kernel Bits isainfo -kv getconf WORD_BIT getconf KERNEL_BITS bootinfo -K
Crash Utility crash lcrash adb crash
Trace System Calls truss strace tusc syscalls
Machine Model uname -imp uname -m model
uname -m
uname -m
bootinfo -m
OS Level uname -r uname -r uname -r oslevel
Run Level who -r runlevel who -r who -r
Core Dump Files /var/crash/`uname -n`   /var/adm/crash /var/adm/ras
NFS Exported /etc/dfs/dfstab
/etc/exports /etc/exports /etc/exports
NFS Client
Mounted Directories
/etc/rmtab /var/lib/nfs/xtab /etc/xtab /etc/xtab