Unix Syntax Comparison: General

The following are pages that list various commands and tools for Solaris, Linux, HP-UX, and AIX.

Task Solaris Linux HP-UX AIX
Unique Host ID hostid hostid uname -i hostid
Administrator admintool   sam smit
Performance Monitor top top top
System Activity sar sar {sysstat} sar sar
Virtual Memory Statistics vmstat vmstat vmstat vmstat
I/O Statistics iostat iostat {sysstat} iostat iostat
Error Logs dmesg dmesg dmesg alog -o -t boot
Physical RAM 16TB 64 GB 4TB 1TB
Shared Memory   sysctl kernel.shmmax 8TB 2.75GB
Process Data Space   900 MB 4GB 2GB
Swap Device /dev/vx/dsk/swapvol /dev/sda2 /dev/vg00/lvol2 /dev/hd6
Swap File Type swap partition type 82 swap /etc/swapspaces
Display Swap Size swap -l free swapinfo -a lsps -a
Activate Swap swap -a swapon -a swapon -a swapon -a
Filesystem Table /etc/vfstab /etc/fstab /etc/fstab /etc/filesystems
Free Disk Blocks df -k df -k bdf df -k
Device Listing sysdef cat /proc/devices /sbin/ioscan lsdev -C
Disk Label prtvtoc fdisk -l pvdisplay -v /dev/dsk/C#t#d# lspv -l hdisk#
Max File System 1 TB
8000 TB {vxfs}
2 TB 128 GB 128 GB
Max File Size 1 TB 2GB{512B block size}
8192 GB {8KB block size}
128 GB 64 GB
Max # File Descriptors 64 K sysctl fs.file-max 60~ K 64 K