Linux Resources

A centralized reference to Linux comparative syntax, configuration, kernel tuning, patching and recovery in the context of Oracle Applications.

The Linux operating system is an open source operating system. It provides a POSIX compliant platform for Oracle and other independent software vendors (ISVs). The current market leader, Red Hat Linux, had two principal versions of Linux. One was a consumer version, Red Hat Linux 9, which is now distributed as Fedora. The other is a commercial version, Red Hat Linux Advanced Server 2.1/3.0 and 4.0. The Oracle partner, UnitedLinux has released its first Oracle supported environment United Linux 1.0.

 Linux Business
A synopsis of Linux market.

 Linux Architecture
A brief description of the Linux architecture.

 Linux Setup
Linux installation, configuration and kernel.

 Linux System Administration
Linux system administration steps.

 Linux Oracle Issues
Oracle setup and configuration issues.

 Linux References
Internal and external Linux references.

 Unix Syntax Comparison
A Linux Syntax Comparison guide.

While Oracle Support Services does support older versions of Linux for earlier releases of the Oracle Application Suite, current Oracle Application versions are supported on the Red Hat Linux Advanced Server 2.1, UnitedLinux or SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 7.

It is a key Oracle Support requirement that the OS (binary or kernel) delivered in the Red Hat Linux Advanced Server 2.1 and UnitedLinux cannot be modified. If the kernel is modified, the kernel is considered tainted and Oracle Support may disallow support. However, you should check the Oracle Corporation web site for current Oracle Support criteria by operating system and UNIX flavor.